Ocean-energy project bad for killer whales, B.C. researcher says

By srschram|July 25, 2015|Climate Change, News, Orca, Whales|

From the Vancouver Sun: “A proposed clean-energy project may slow the speed of climate change, but it could also imperil threatened orcas, critics say. Vancouver-based Weyl Power Ltd. — pronounced “wheel,” not “whale” — is eyeing two sites within the Northern resident killer whales’ critical habitat for ocean energy projects. The company has only applied to monitor and investigate the potential of the sites, but a local orca researcher says

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Oil, gas, coal industries want Washington, British Columbia as permanent home ports

By srschram|June 17, 2015|Air Pollution, Marine Mammals, Oil & Coal, Orca, Whales|

To Orca Relief Supporters: We are faced with potentially huge buildups of coal and oil transport infrastructure. If built, these facilities could mean thousands of additional large ship trips per year through endangered Southern Resident Orca critical habitat, adding significant noise and disturbance on top of what they already experience, along with the real potential for a spill, and reductions in air quality. Joel Connelly of Seattle PI provides an

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ORCA Director, Bruce Stedman at The Whale Trail’s Orca Talk

By srschram|November 6, 2014|News, Orca, Orca Relief, Protection Zone, SRKWs, Whales|

From the West Seattle Blog: During that event, Bruce Stedman of Orca Relief talked about his organization’s proposal of a zone in the San Juans where boats would have to keep a greater distance from whales than they do now. He said it’s not the only action that’s needed to help them – but it’s the one that could make a difference the quickest. Pointedly, he noted that the recovery

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Oil Shipments Endanger Orca Habitat

By srschram|August 8, 2014|Marine Mammals, Oil & Coal, Orca, Salish Sea, Toxins, Whales|

Which iconic places could be affected by an oil spill in the Salish Sea? Kinder Morgan plans to ship 400 tankers loaded with tar sands oil each year through the Salish Sea. If the oil spilled, where would it go, and what iconic and ecologically important places could be affected? Learn More…