ORCA Director, Bruce Stedman at The Whale Trail’s Orca Talk

By srschram|November 6, 2014|News, Orca, Orca Relief, Protection Zone, SRKWs, Whales|

From the West Seattle Blog: During that event, Bruce Stedman of Orca Relief talked about his organization’s proposal of a zone in the San Juans where boats would have to keep a greater distance from whales than they do now. He said it’s not the only action that’s needed to help them – but it’s the one that could make a difference the quickest. Pointedly, he noted that the recovery

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Protected zone for orcas? Find out about it at The Whale Trail’s upcoming Orca Talk

By srschram|October 16, 2014|News, Orca, Orca Relief, Protection Zone, Puget Sound|

The first presentation in a new series of Orca Talks presented by West Seattle-headquartered The Whale Trail: You’ll hear about the proposal for “A Protected Zone for Puget Sound Orcas,” 7 pm Thursday, October 30th at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor). From TWT executive director Donna Sandstrom: The Southern Resident Killer Whales are endangered and seriously declining; their 2014 population of 79 is the lowest since 1985. To

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Only 78 Southern Resident Orca Remain: Are We Seeing the Beginning of Their Extinction?

By srschram|September 13, 2014|Orca Relief, Press Releases, Protection Zone|

Recent articles in the Seattle Times and Post Intelligencer have confirmed that the Federally Endangered Southern Resident Orca have now been reduced to only 78 individuals. There is also a newborn (which is not yet included in the formal count), the only one born since 2012. While it is certainly good news that a calf has been born, this population has been in decline for a decade and is now

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Born under a bad sign? Newborn joins population in throes of 30-year low

By srschram|September 12, 2014|News, Orca, Orca Relief, Protection Zone, Puget Sound|

From the The Journal of the San Juan Islands: And, baby makes 79. A two-year drought came to a welcomed end Saturday, Sept. 6, as researchers with the Center for Whale Research spotted a killer whale calf off the west side of San Juan Island. Designated L-120 by the Center, keeper of the official yearly census of the Southern resident orcas, the calf is the first newborn to join the

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