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National Marine Fisheries Service Should Require “No Wake” Speeds and Create a Whale Protection Zone

By srschram|December 10, 2015|Orca, Protection Zone, Salish Sea, SRKWs, Whales|

A new study demonstrates that the faster boats speed near endangered Southern Resident killer whales, the louder it is for them – the more noise there is in the water, the harder it is for the Orca to hunt, communicate and rest.  A “No Wake” speed restriction for boats within 400 yards of any whale, combined with Orca Relief’s proposed Whale Protection Zone will go a long way to reducing

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New Puget Sound climate study: Older projections coming true, more changes ahead

By srschram|December 4, 2015|Climate Change, Puget Sound|

Closer to home than the thousands of world leaders in Paris to discuss how to limit the scale of human-caused global warming, the consequences of climate change underway around Puget Sound have been detailed in an in-depth scientific study. The report, issued in November [] by the University of Washington’s Climate Impacts Group, found projections in a 2005 study on potential warming effects have come to pass, its authors said.

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Quiet(er) Marine Protected Areas Needed for Marine Mammals — Soon

By srschram|September 27, 2015|News, Orca, Protection Zone, Salish Sea|

The endangered Southern Resident Orca need more quiet to aid their recovery, and they are not alone.  A new study shows the urgency to protect endangered Southern Resident Orca and other marine mammals from disruptive noise pollution, by identifying and establishing key protection zones where the whales live, socialize, and hunt.  The study shows how to include noise pollution in protection planning for all marine mammals, focusing primarily on areas

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Stranded killer whale rescued on B.C.’s North Coast

By srschram|July 25, 2015|News, Orca|

From the Vancouver Sun: “When a young orca whale stranded on some jagged rocks on B.C.’s North Coast cried out in pain, Janie Wray felt sorrow run through her whole body. Wray, a member of the environmental research group Whale Point, was among a team of residents and environmental workers who worked desperately for almost nine hours Wednesday to keep the female calf cool and wet before the tide was

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Ocean-energy project bad for killer whales, B.C. researcher says

By srschram|July 25, 2015|Climate Change, News, Orca, Whales|

From the Vancouver Sun: “A proposed clean-energy project may slow the speed of climate change, but it could also imperil threatened orcas, critics say. Vancouver-based Weyl Power Ltd. — pronounced “wheel,” not “whale” — is eyeing two sites within the Northern resident killer whales’ critical habitat for ocean energy projects. The company has only applied to monitor and investigate the potential of the sites, but a local orca researcher says

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