Four-month campaign to name Salish Sea a World Heritage Site begins

By Samuel Welch|September 8, 2016|Salish Sea|

A campaign has kicked off on Canada’s west coast to have the Salish Sea declared a World Heritage Site. “The Salish Sea is a unique inner sea with a long history of providing food and sustenance, habitat and biodiversity for marine species, and a wealth of resources to all those living alongside its shores,” stated Laurie Gourlay, the interim director of the Salish Sea Trust that’s in charge of the

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Orca Relief congratulates the Humane Society on its achievement: SeaWorld to End All Orca Breeding

By srschram|March 22, 2016|News, Orca, Whales|

From a Humane Nation: In a sign that the humane economy is an unyielding force, exerting its influence on companies in all sectors of commerce, SeaWorld announced in cooperation with The HSUS today that it will end all breeding of its orcas and it won’t obtain additional orcas from other sources—policies sought by animal advocates for many decades. Read more