Only 81 of These Killer Whales Are Left, but Their Chances of Survival Just Got a Big Boost

By srschram|February 26, 2015|Marine Mammals, News, Orca, Protection Zone, SRKWs|

Killer whales near the Seattle coast. (Photo: Courtesy NOAA)

Killer whales near the Seattle coast. (Photo: Courtesy NOAA)

From Take Part media:

The federal government wants to greatly expand protections for the Southern Resident orcas off the West Coast.

The Obama administration will nearly quadruple the protected habitat of the Southern Resident killer whale, the world’s most endangered orca.

Only 81 Southern Resident killer whales remain, but the United States National Marine Fisheries Service announced this week that it intends to protect as many as 9,000 square miles of ocean off Washington, Oregon, and Northern California to increase the orcas’ chances of survival.

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